Introduction to the Rhodesian Ridgeback (RR)

Origin and history

RR is a breed of dog originating in Africa, where it was used as a hunting, hunting and guard dog. It is a medium-sized short-haired breed with a distinctive crest-band of oppositely growing hairs on the back. In 1877, ridgebacks were brought to Rhodesia, a country known as Zimbabwe, where they were bred and refined to serve large game hunters. The resulting breed became known as the African lion because it was once used to hunt lions.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a balanced, strong, muscular and active dog. He has an athletic build, but is not tall or greyhound. The color can be from light wheat to red wheat. Small white markings on chest and fingers are allowed. According to the breed standard, the typical rid on the back must have the exact shape. As the breed is short-haired, it is recommended for indoor use.


He is an extremely intelligent, sensitive and independent dog who loves his family. He is reserved towards strangers, but not aggressive. He is an effective guardian and a selfless defender. It is an energetic dog that requires regular movement and precedes. He is extremely intelligent, so he is able to evaluate situations independently. It is necessary for a person to patiently train his obedience from the puppy. RR requires the presence of a person on a daily basis, in return it can show the love and devotion of its owner.


RR is a relatively healthy / maintenance-free breed. Sometimes they suffer from diseases typical of large breeds, such as. torsion of the stomach. The Rhodesian Riddle needs a daily dose of exercise. It is generally not recommended for people with a negative attitude towards exercise and sports. It has a more demanding nature, so it requires proper education and training without harsh treatment.


Group: Greyhounds

Height: 60 – 68cm / 23,6 – 26,7in

Weight: 30 – 38kg / 66,1 – 83,7lb

Coat and color: short, smooth coat in light to red wheat, may have small white markings, may have a black mask

Life expectancy: 10 even 12 years


Level of affectionHigh
Suitable for childrenMiddle
Suitable for petsMiddle
Exercise equipmentHigh
Energy levelMiddle

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